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Altcoinist Review: $HMND, Humanode

May 22, 2024

After years of constant research and analysis, we are finally ready to present our inhouse project that has been assembled in secrecy all this time. We would like to introduce you to the Humanode!

The Humanode network is a protocol that can prove one’s unique identity through novel authentication schemes and grant permission to launch a node and verify transactions running through a public permissionless network based on human existence. @paradigm

Humanode is the first blockchain network to use a consensus mechanism based on crypto-biometric identification, where 1 human = 1 node = 1 vote.

Problem in Modern Blockchain Protocols:

  • Inherent Plutocracy: Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) systems often lead to concentration of capital, resulting in oligopolies and monopolies.
  • Decentralization Compromised: The ideal of decentralization is overshadowed by validator oligopolies and mining cartels dominating networks and markets.

Humanode’s Innovative Solution:

  • Biometric Verification: Utilizes private biometric verification for validators, ensuring one unique individual per node.
  • Equality Principle: Adheres to the principle of "1 human = 1 node = 1 vote," ensuring equal rights in fee distribution, validation, and voting across the network.

Technology Stack:

  • Substrate Framework: Allows the creation of custom, scalable, interoperable blockchain networks.
  • Private Biometric Search and Matching: An AI-driven system that validates unique human identity without exposing personal information.
  • Consensus Agnostic Protocol: Adapts various consensus algorithms, from BABE and GRANDPA to future expansions.
  • Decentralized Auditable Liveness Detection: Employs over 60 AI modules to authenticate real human presence, thwarting attempts with photos, masks, or deepfakes.

Governance and Smart Contract Layer:

  • DAO Vortex: A decentralized system for decision-making, distributing equal voting power to all network participants.
  • EVM-Compatible Smart-Contract Layer: Supports the creation and execution of smart contracts using the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Core Aspects:

  • Decentralized Network: Utilizes private biometrically encrypted nodes for a decentralized financial network.
  • Biometric Security: Features fully homomorphic encryption for biometric data, enhancing security and privacy.
  • Merkle-CRDT Mechanism: Ensures ledger consistency and secure consensus among nodes.
  • IPFS Integration: Uses IPFS for decentralized asset and data transfer with a cost-based fee model.
  • Smart Contract Management: Implements private smart contracts on Secret Network for key management.

Cryptobiometric neural networks:

  1. Zero-Knowledge proven active and passive liveness Detection
  2. ZK-proven encrypted face feature extraction
  3. Distributed encrypted feature search and matching

Governance and Policy:

  • Vortex DAO: A governance system that follows a "1 human = 1 node = 1 vote" principle.
  • Fath Monetary Policy: Focuses on real value growth and proportional emission.

Network Functionality:

  • User Verification: Employs biometric identification for network access.
  • Equal Participation: Allows every user to contribute to network security and transaction validation.

Biometric Sybil Resistance:

  • Enhanced biometric accuracy through evolving AI technologies.
  • Liveness detection advancements.

5 Use Cases of Sybil-Resistant Private Onchain Biomapping in EVM Ecosystem

  1. Tokenized Real-World Assets ( #RWA ): Biometrically validates real ownership of digital assets, ensuring one face per asset to prevent fake claims.
  2. Automated Market Makers (AMMs): Applies onchain biomapping to verify human liquidity providers, preventing manipulative practices like wash trading.
  3. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): Integrates biometric data to ensure one-person, one-vote in DAO governance, potentially enabling quadratic voting systems.
  4. Decentralized Insurance: Uses biometric verification for policyholders to submit claims, reducing fraud in decentralized insurance platforms.
  5. Decentralized ID for Gig Economy: Enhances trust in decentralized gig platforms by verifying users’ identities through private biomapping, ensuring genuine human interactions.

Already live product:Humanode BotBasher

Enhancing Security with Crypto-Biometric Authentication

Eliminate Bots with BotBasher:

  • Bio-Authentication: Integrates with Discord to verify users biometrically, ensuring they are unique and alive.
  • Cross-Server Verification: Once a user is authenticated on one server with BotBasher, they are recognized across all other servers with the tool.

Private and Secure Authentication:

  • Data Privacy: Biometric data is kept private, preventing any misuse or reverse engineering to identify the user.
  • Secure Processing: All biometric computations occur in a Trusted Execution Environment, with original data deleted immediately after processing.

Humanode backers:

Republic Capital, Tribe Capital, Blizzard — the Avalanche ecosystem fund, Wintermute, GravityX Capital, Shima Capital, Genblock, AU21, and StaFi, along with Polygon co-founders Jaynti Kanani and Sandeep Nailwal.

Humanode partners:

Paradigm: Co-founder of Humanode and Paradigm: Victor Paradigm , Sei, Aikon and many more.

Humanode Team:

@DatoKavazi , Co-Founder - Director and Head of Strategy at Paradigm Research, ex co-founder and CSO of Citadel.One

@tech_mingler , Co-Founder - Managing Partner and Head of Fundamental Analysis at Paradigm, ex co-founder and CBDO of Citadel.One.

@MOZGIII, Tech Lead, Co-founder - A software engineer with 20+ years of experience. Has strong math and computer science background and proficiency with over 50 programming languages. Opensource contributor to Valve, Google Cloud, Parity, rust-blockchain repos, and over 100 other renowned open-source repositories.

Sasha Shln - 1. Sasha is a Ph.D. and a researcher by vocation who is interested in practices rooted in modern science, technology and philosophy, and the synergetic relationship between them. She is a Researcher at Humanode and a Chief Research Officer of Paradigm.

Hardik Gajera - Ph.D. - Focuses on exploring and researching existing tools and techniques to build a Humanode-native decentralized private biometric authentication system, which involves finding cryptographic primitives that are suitable for neural network models.

And 15 more members...


  • Token price: $0,194
  • Market Cap: $6,682,045
  • Circulating Supply: 34,099,740
  • Total/Max Supply: 400,000,000

Go-To-Market Steps:

  • Introduction of a biometric verification system.
  • Validator onboarding and incubation programs.
  • Development of biometric NFT minter and Sybil-resistant airdrops.

Advantages and Challenges:

  • Benefits: Includes enhanced security, user convenience, and improved decentralization.
  • Challenges: Faces issues like privacy concerns, potential higher costs, and hurdles in adoption compared to traditional security methods.

Altcoinist Conclusion:

Humanode has immense potential to reshape online interactions with unparalleled security and privacy. As the technology matures and gains widespread adoption, it could become a standard in combating digital fraud and ensuring genuine user interactions.

The project is unique and has years of research behind it, aiming to solve issues that have been bottlenecks in the blockchain industry for many years. With the backing of some of the biggest names in the crypto space and a top-tier team, Humanode has the potential to become the winner bet in the biometric authentication crypto segment.