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Altcoinist Review: $RDYX, Ready Games

May 22, 2024

"Ready Games is the most complete Web3 game development platform"


@TheReadyGames - Accelerating & Easing the shift from Web2 to Web3 Gaming

Ready Games, represented by its $RDYX token, is a platform that merges traditional gaming with blockchain technology. Initiated in 2016 with a focus on mobile eSports, it pivoted in 2020 to integrate decentralized finance and NFTs into gaming.

This shift aimed to democratize game development, enabling creators to integrate blockchain elements easily into games. Ready Games strives to blend quality gaming experiences with the novel economic and ownership models of blockchain, moving away from the sole profit-driven focus of many blockchain games to recapture the essence of gaming: fun and engagement.



Elevating Player Experience: Ready Games Revolutionary Blend with $RDYX Token.

At the heart of Ready Games mission is the enhancement of player experience by merging the familiarity of classic gaming with the innovative features of blockchain technology, all centered around the $RDYX token.

This unique combination offers players an unparalleled gaming world where traditional enjoyment is enriched with the added benefits of blockchain advancements. With the $RDYX token, players gain access to new dimensions of gaming, including rewards, ownership of in-game assets, and participation in the game's economy and governance.

This approach not only elevates the gaming experience but also empowers players with more control and stake in their gaming journey, setting a new standard in how players interact with and benefit from their gaming experiences.

Unique Selling Proposition:
Its mobile-first
inclusivity-driven approach
advanced blockchain solutions

Diverse Leadership and Industry OG's

Management Team:

David S. Bennahum, Chairman & CEO
The management team at Ready Games is composed of industry OG's from various sectors of the gaming and technology industries. This multidisciplinary team brings together a wealth of knowledge in game development, blockchain technology, business strategy, and digital content creation.


Strauss Zelnick: A member of the directors at Ready Games, Zelnick brings invaluable experience from the Web2 gaming industry. As the Chairman and CEO of Take-Two Interactive, he oversees companies like Rockstar Games and 2K, known for blockbuster titles like GTA 5, NBA 2K, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands etc...
His insights into gaming trends, consumer behavior, and market dynamics are crucial in shaping Ready Games strategic direction.

Sinjin Bain: Serving as an advisor at Tencent Global (America), contributes his extensive knowledge of the gaming market and digital entertainment industry.
His experience with one of the world’s leading gaming company provides a global perspective and understanding of the evolving gaming landscape, which is vital for Ready Games growth and expansion in the blockchain gaming sector.

Create to Earn: Empowering Creators in the Ready Games Ecosystem

Creative Contributions and Incentives: Ready Games revolutionizes the gaming world by redefining how creators, including brands, fashion labels, and artists, engage with and benefit from the gaming ecosystem. This "Create to Earn" model provides a platform for creators to bring their intellectual property into the gaming world, attracting their fan communities and generating new revenue streams.

Incentivizing High-Quality Content:

Ready offers token grants to encourage high-quality IP integration into games. These grants are awarded for developing and selling collections within games, enriching gaming content and bridging various fan communities.


Technical Aspects:

Blockchain and Infrastructure: Built on Ethereum, leveraging Layer 2 solutions for efficiency, $RDYX is optimized for lower costs and faster transactions (considering a move to Vyper to further secure its smart contract capabilities).

Ecosystem and Community:

Ecosystem: Partners with a range of Web 3 ecosystems and integrates with platforms like OpenSea.

Community Engagement: Ready Games encourages active community participation in governance through DAOs and staking.


Fixed Issuance: Caps the $RDYX token supply at 1 billion to mitigate inflation within the ecosystem.

Governance Rights: Gives token holders governance rights through a staking mechanism, influencing the ecosystem's direction.

Early Adoption Rewards: Deploys $RDYX to incentivize early builders in the ecosystem.

NFT Minting and Transaction Efficiency: Facilitates efficient NFT minting and reduces transaction friction.

Cross-Game Asset Mobility: Allows token-backed content to move freely across games, fostering a vibrant gaming economy.

Use Cases and Applications

Primary Use Cases: $RDYX supports "play to earn" and "create to earn" mechanics, offering financial incentives to both game creators and players.

Future Expansion: Poised to disrupt and expand the gaming industry with blockchain integration.

Market Analysis and Potential:

Market Size and Growth: The gaming sector saw a robust $176.5 billion spending in 2021, with blockchain gaming only being $1.5 billion out of that. Despite being a smaller segment, blockchain gaming is on a rapid ascent, projected to grow at an explosive 100% CAGR, suggesting a potential rise to $50 billion by 2025.


Ready Games, positioned in this high-growth domain, is poised to seize a sizeable portion of this burgeoning market.

Future Outlook and Developments:

Roadmap: Strategic Focus for the Next 36 Months

Transaction Efficiency: Ready Games is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of transactions within its gaming ecosystem. This includes reducing transaction costs (potentially down to microtransaction levels) and speeding up transaction processing times.

UI/UX Development: A significant focus will be on developing and refining the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of the games. Ready Games aims to create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that simplify players' interactions with blockchain elements, such as token transactions, NFT trading, and asset management.

DAO Governance: Ready Games plans to transition to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model for governance. This shift will empower $RDYX token holders with more significant influence over key decisions regarding the platform's future, including development priorities and ecosystem changes. The implementation of DAO governance aligns with the vision of creating a more community-driven and democratic gaming ecosystem.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts:

Robust Leadership and Team: The presence of a strong leadership team, including industry experts like Strauss Zelnick and Sinjin Bain, equips Ready Games with the strategic insight and experience necessary to navigate the complex landscape of blockchain gaming.

Well positioned for the Next Bull Market: As the blockchain gaming sector continues to evolve, Ready Games is strategically positioned to capitalize on the next bull market. Its innovative GameFi approach aligns well with the increasing interest in blockchain technologies and the growing acceptance of digital assets in mainstream markets. During periods of market optimism, such as a bull market, companies with a strong foundation, clear vision, and innovative products like Ready Games are likely to attract significant attention and investment, driving further growth and expansion.

In summary, Ready Games combines a powerful mix of expert leadership, strategic market positioning, and a commitment to innovation and inclusivity in gaming. This blend sets the company on a trajectory toward significant growth and influence in the expanding world of blockchain gaming, making it a notable project to watch in the coming years.