Altcoinist Review | Realio: Bridging Digital and Physical

July 1, 2024

Project Overview

  • Name: Realio Network
  • Native Token: $RIO
  • Sector: Real Estate Investments and Private Equity
  • Website: Realio
  • Built On: A proprietary Layer-2 Blockchain
  • Core Offerings: Tokenization of real estate and other assets, DeFi services, Multi-Currency Self-Custodial Wallet, Multi-jurisdictional compliance including exemptions from U.S. SEC Regulations
  • Unique Selling Points: Full scalability, investment in various asset classes, modernizing asset custody, and improving data quality
  • Regulation Compliance: Multi-jurisdictional compliance including exemptions from U.S. SEC Regulations
  • Direct quotation from the website: “The future of Private Equity is Digital. We are eliminating the barriers to invest-in, trade, and leverage exclusive real estate, private equity, and other real-world assets through decentralized finance (“DeFi”).”

The Realio Network represents a watershed moment in private equity and real estate investments. This innovative blockchain-based platform seeks to revolutionize these sectors through scalable tokenization of a broad spectrum of high-value assets, coupled with a comprehensive suite of DeFi services. This review will shed light on Realio's distinct selling points, key services, team composition, and potential future in the tokenized Real World Asset market.

Market Size

The global real estate market is staggeringly vast, with estimates suggesting a total value exceeding $280 trillion as of 2021. This expansive market comprises various segments, including residential, commercial, and industrial real estate, with residential real estate making up the majority of this figure. However, this market is characterized by high barriers to entry, substantial transaction costs, and often lacks transparency and liquidity.

Enter Realio. By tokenizing real estate, Realio has the potential to revolutionize this multi-trillion dollar industry. Realio could potentially tap into this massive market by leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology. The tokenization process essentially allows for the fractional ownership of properties, opening up the market to a much larger pool of investors, including those with smaller budgets.

Further, according to some estimates, considering the rise of the global digital economy, the Metaverse economy alone could reach a market size of over $800 billion by 2025. By bringing real-world assets into its own metaverse, RealioVerse, Realio is not only tapping into the enormous real estate market but also the burgeoning digital economy.

If Realio manages to capture even a fraction of these markets, the opportunity and potential for growth are tremendous. By bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, Realio stands to benefit significantly from the digitization of the real estate market and the rise of the metaverse, setting the stage for a new era of asset management and investment.

About Realio Network

The Realio Network brings blockchain technology to the forefront of private equity and real estate investments. Its proprietary Layer-2 blockchain forms the backbone of a modular, scalable network that allows for the tokenization of various types of assets. Simultaneously, it aims to reform the processes of asset issuance, custody, and exchange, removing redundant intermediaries and enhancing data quality.

The project's main token, $RIO, forms the foundation of the network's ecosystem and performs multiple roles. $RST, a secondary token, signifies ownership within the Realio ecosystem. Lastly, $rUSD, a stablecoin pegged to the USD, provides a medium for fiat on/off ramps and is backed by an authorized U.S.-based Trust, PrimeTrust.

Unique Selling Points of Realio Network

  1. Proprietary Layer-2 Blockchain: Realio's in-house Layer-2 blockchain provides a distributed network that enables issuance and seamless interconnection of decentralized ecosystems, offering modularity and scalability.
  2. Broad Asset Tokenization: Users on the Realio Network can tokenize a diverse range of asset types, enlarging the pool of potential investment opportunities.
  3. Investment Platform: Realio's investment platform uses its liquidity to invest in various asset classes, primarily real estate, with a portion of the returns being distributed to users.
  4. Automated Trust: By automating trust and removing unnecessary intermediaries, Realio reduces costs and friction within the network, thus enhancing transaction efficiency.
  5. Improved Data Access and Quality: The Realio Network facilitates improved access to data, leading to increased transparency and reliability for investors.
  6. Nodes as a Service (NaaS) & DeFi as a Service (DaaS): These services provide a more seamless, user-friendly experience for investors, further democratizing access to high-value investments.

Key Services Within Realio Network

  1. Multi-Currency Self-Custodial Wallet: Realio's multi-currency wallet provides users with a secure asset storage option. This includes cold storage through Prime Trust.
  2. Interoperability: Realio Network integrates seamlessly with multiple other blockchains, providing a plug-and-play point of single entry for all blockchains. Current integrations include Ethereum, Stellar, Ravencoin, Fusion, BNB Smart Chain, and Algorand.
  3. RealioX — Decentralised Exchange: RealioX, a decentralized exchange built on the Realio Network, enables users to trade assets securely and efficiently.
  4. Multi-Jurisdictional Compliance: The Realio Network complies with multiple jurisdictional regulations, including exemptions from U.S. SEC regulations, thus enhancing investor protection and trust in the platform.
  5. Passive Income Opportunities: The Realio Network offers several passive income opportunities, such as Market Maker Rewards, Profit Redistribution, and Block Rewards for node operators.

Token Utilities and Tokenomics

$RIO, the utility token of the Realio Network, has multiple uses within the network's ecosystem:

  • Users can stake $RIO to become traders on RealioX or earn block rewards if staked with a partner organization.
  • $RIO can be burned by users to become Market Makers, with rewards paid out in newly minted $RIO tokens.
  • Traders on RealioX receive rewards from others paying transaction fees on limit orders.

In terms of tokenomics, $RIO and $RST are the native tokens of the project. $RIO was a fair launch (no pre-sale, no advertisement) with full vesting upon launch. 92.9% of the $RIO allotment was set aside for rewards & 7.1% for Airdrops. $RST Distribution is as follows:

  • Team allocation 9.5%
  • Pre-sale allocation 3.5%
  • 3% allocation toward bonuses
  • 34% allocation towards STO (Security Token Offering)
  • 50% supply locked in treasury for future issuance

This hybrid token has both inflationary and deflationary mechanisms, sustaining the growth of the network while maintaining a stable token supply.

The Future of the Tokenized Real World Asset Market and Realio's Role

The tokenization of real-world assets is a rapidly growing sector within the blockchain industry. The tokenization of assets such as real estate, private equity, and various other tangible assets on the blockchain paves the way for fractional ownership, lower entry barriers, increased liquidity, and broader market access.

With the global market for tokenized assets projected to reach $16 trillion by 2030, the future of the tokenized Real World Asset market looks extremely promising. Realio is ideally placed to leverage this growth. By digitizing and fractionalizing real-world assets, Realio can offer a larger pool of retail investors access to investment opportunities that were previously inaccessible due to high entry thresholds.

Furthermore, Realio’s multi-jurisdictional compliance and robust security protocols align perfectly with the increasingly regulated environment of the global financial markets. This regulatory compliance coupled with the use of blockchain technology will ensure that Realio's solutions are attractive to both retail and institutional investors.

By tapping into this burgeoning market, Realio stands to not only accelerate its own growth but also contribute to the democratization of asset ownership and investment. In doing so, it will play an instrumental role in shaping the future of the tokenized Real World Asset market.

Realio x OMA3™


  • Community-run, decentralized and indexable.
  • Where users will be able to own and use their digital assets (e.g. NFTs), identity, and personal data in a frictionless way across multiple platforms.
  • Where users are in control of their assets, not platform owners.
  • Where ideas and services are based on the foundation of decentralization and interoperability to optimize for individual freedom, social, economic and other sustainable outcomes

$RIO the next $SAND?

The Metaverse concept, a virtual reality space where users interact in a digital environment, has turned heads in tech and investment spheres, with Sandbox being a prime example. Realio seeks to leverage this potential with its upcoming project, RealioVerse, aiming to mirror Sandbox's success and potentially outshine it.

Unlike Sandbox's gaming focus, Realio seeks to innovate by tokenizing real-world assets in real estate and private equity within its Metaverse. This unique blend of DeFi and virtual reality allows users to interact with and invest in these assets virtually, blurring physical and virtual world boundaries.

Moreover, Realio's compliance-enabled tech provides a secure peer-to-peer transaction environment, strengthening its potential to outperform Sandbox. Therefore, the mix of DeFi, tokenized real-world assets, and Metaverse technology might position Realio as a major player in the virtual world, mirroring, or even exceeding, Sandbox's achievements.

The Realio Network Team

The Realio Network team comprises seasoned professionals with impressive track records in their respective domains:

  • Derek S. Boirun (CEO & Co-founder): A multifaceted entrepreneur, Derek brings a wealth of experience to Realio from his various ventures. LinkedIn
  • Adam Gooch (CTO & Co-Founder): Adam's background in software engineering and blockchain development forms the technological backbone of Realio. LinkedIn
  • Marcelo Moyano (Chief Experience Officer & Co-Founder): An award-winning web developer, Marcelo is the creative force behind Realio's intuitive interfaces. LinkedIn
  • Eduardo Romeiro (Director of Engineering & Co-Founder): With over 12 years of experience in software engineering, Eduardo's technical expertise is key to Realio's success. LinkedIn


The Realio Network embodies an exciting development in the realms of real estate and private equity investment. With its cutting-edge technology, regulatory compliance, and diverse investment opportunities, it provides an attractive platform for investors. Boasting a capable team and a compelling value proposition, Realio Network is well-positioned to disrupt the landscape of real estate and private equity. However, potential investors should consider the lack of a publicly available audit report, which could raise concerns about the project's transparency and security. Despite this, the Realio Network's potential impact on the tokenized Real World Asset market is substantial, offering a solid platform for its future growth and success.